Our Story

Welcome to the Moringa Tree Organic Kitchen & Wellness Studio!

The Moringa Tree in many cultures is called “The Tree of Life”, “Mother’s Best Friend”, and the “Tree that Never Dies”. Rightfully so, as this amazingly designed tree provides us with almost every nutrient the body needs to be healthy and strong. The leaves are the ultimate multi-vitamin - readily available for the body to assimilate, unlike man-constructed vitamins or supplements.

Similar to the Moringa tree, the ingredients we use here are only nutrient-dense, real, whole and as organic as possible. The principles we apply here are not new - revitalizing the traditions and foods of our ancestors is imperative to reclaiming and maintaining the health we all desire. We believe in using food that will only nourish the body, not do any harm. You will not find anything artificial, unnatural, or toxic in our foods or in their preparations. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” (Hippocrates)

Utilizing local sources for our supply as much as possible, we strive to be sustainable and responsible, understanding that a whole foods diet, rich in nutrient dense foods is the basis for our creations. Organic, pastured meats and dairy contain vital macro-nutrients. We also offer many vegetarian and vegan plates, using wholesome beans, nuts, and seeds. Properly prepared grains, such as sourdough pizza crust provide the true bread of our ancestors, which they rightfully called the “Staff of Life”. Sourdough is low-glycemic and minimal gluten because of the fermentation process that breaks down anti-nutrients and imparts vitamins and minerals in their place. Completely gluten free options are available with flours of almonds, coconut, or brown rice.

You will find here local, organic, and in season whenever possible for our vegetables and fruit. Our dairy products come from healthy, pasture-fed cows living organically, ensuring the quality of the cheeses and butters to have the highest amount of essential healthy fats - critical for all functions of the body. For those on a dairy free diet, we offer only truly health-filled alternatives such as coconut milk or nut milks. Our soups are made from scratch (as everything is) - even the bone-broth is simmered for hours to provide the much needed minerals and nutritive elements that have for centuries nourished the sick back to health.

Even our desserts are good for you! We offer “sugar free” options for those watching their blood-sugar levels as we use raw honey. Raw honey does not bother blood sugar levels as sugar does. All our treats are made with good quality oils and butters - healthy fats assist the body in absorbing and utilizing the sugars slowly and properly. Other sugar options are stevia or raw sugar - unrefined, from real sugar cane, non-GMO.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well” (Virginia Woolf).

We hope you enjoy the carefully prepared dishes here at The Moringa Tree. “You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients” (Julia Child).

Keeping it real; keeping it simple – HERE’S TO YOUR HEALTH!