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Sweet Treats have never tasted so good...ICE CREAM RECIPE INCLUDED!

For those of you who know me, you know nothing gets me more fired up than hearing about CALORIES. (Ok, so there are a lot of other topics that do also, but this one is high on the list!) "How many calories are in that?" Or "oh my goodness, I shouldn't eat any dessert" or "how many grams of fat are in that?" I'm telling you right now to just stop it. It's time to stop that old way of thinking that has been ENGRAINED into our brains that fat makes us fat. Out with the obsession of counting calories and it's time to start just looking at where those calories are coming from. So you say, "well, if I want to lose...

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Nice to Meet You!

I figured before I start pouring out my life story, opinions, reflections and recommendations, I would take a moment to quickly introduce myself! Hi. I'm Jenny. Welcome to my blog and thank you for joining me on my journey to health! A bit about myself...I grew up in Jackson, MI and graduated from Grand Valley State University, where I lived right before moving to Elkhart. My husband, Andy Weaver, and I opened The Moringa Tree four years ago on April 1, 2013...That's right...April Fool's Day but it was no joke! We got married the year after in 2014, and now we are proud parents of our sweet little 6-month old baby girl, Adelynn Olivia Weaver, born August 3, 2016. Needless...

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