Taking Steps Towards Health...Baby Steps Count!

As a naturopath and holistic nutritional counselor, I have met with all different kinds of clients...athletes to stage 4 cancer patients and everyone in between...some people that have never eaten healthy before, and others that have been on a health journey for some time. I've been blessed to meet with so many diverse individuals and each client has taught me something new! No one "case" is the same, as everyone is unique in their life journey. No matter where they are in their health journey though, somethings remain consistent amongst them all.

First off, there is ALWAYS room for improvement. No matter if you have been eating healthy and living a clean lifestyle for a day or 10 years, there is always something to strive for. We are human, so will never be perfect and that's ok! So, we may make some unhealthy choices here and there, but we just get right back on the wagon and try to do better. I promote 100% clean eating all of the time because I have experienced extreme illness and for me there is no turning back. I know those "foods" and toxins in the past were what got me to my near-death-bed and I want nothing to do with them! However, I realize that's not the case for most people. Instead of pushing my all-or-nothing way of healthy living, I try to just encourage people to tune into their bodies and pay attention on how they feel when they eliminate certain foods and make the decision what they are willing to commit to. Most see improvement quickly when they remove all processed foods and inflammatory foods such as dairy, sugar and gluten and switch to an all organic, whole foods diet. 

Another thing that is the same for all clients is that everyone needs encouragement, support, and accountability. You JUST DO. Without support, it's nearly impossible to stay on track with holistic healing, detoxing and eating clean. The best way to stick to a healthy plan is when families commit together. When a husband and wife do a cleanse together, the results are phenomenal! They are more likely to succeed because they have each other to lean on for support and accountability. Unfortunately, I have many clients that do not have support from their family or friends and this is usually the HARDEST part for them. The advice I can offer them is to STICK to what they believe will get them better and NOT care what anyone else says to you. Don't offer any information to anyone that is not onboard with your natural detox/healing path. You know the people that will support your decision, and the ones that will not will only get in your way. Let them see the results later and they will come back and ask you what you did!

Want to get started but don't know where to start? If you are new to the healthy eating game and want to feel less tired, have less pain, sleep better, think clearer, lose weight...or whatever your motive is, try these few steps.

First, PRAY. Ask God for direction on what you can do to better your body, inside and out. Ask for guidance and endurance to stay on track. Ask Him to reveal to you anyone in your life you need to forgive and any negative emotions you may be harboring inside so you can bring them to the surface to remove them once and for all.

Next, eliminate these basic foods for 1 week, then 2 weeks if able...and 21 days even if you are determined to change your tastebuds and cravings for the long run...


Processed Refined Sugar

Soda and All Drinks with Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners



Conventional Meat - only allow organic, free range chicken, wild fish and grassfed beef

Store bought Eggs - only allow free range organic farm eggs

Processed Salt - only allow pink or sea salt

Refined Oils - replace all vegetable oils with avocado, olive, coconut, flax or hemp oil

Processed Snacks and Foods

Canned Foods

BRING IN: WHOLE foods into your diet - fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, whole grains such as brown rice and sprouted breads (these are not GLUTEN free but easier to digest.) Add some fresh herbs and citrus to a dish! A drizzle of raw honey makes everything better! Soaked beans, wild fish, quinoa, farm eggs and organic chicken are great protein choices. And don't forget about healthy fats! We need fat to lose fat - avocado, nuts, seeds, eggs, olive oil, coconut oil, hemp or flax oil, even ghee. DRINK plenty of FILTERED water. GET REST. GET EXERCISE. And THINK POSITIVE. 

One more tip of advice...take 1 tsp of moringa daily. JUST DO IT. You all need it! Take at least 2 probiotics in the morning, and try adding some food enzymes with a hearty meal if needed.

Need some direction? Feel free to reach out...I am always willing to customize a meal plan/diet/cleanse based on the individual needs and health concerns. Just know that switching to a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean you have to be perfect or knowledgeable...it means you just need to will to want to do it and direction on how to get there. YOU CAN DO IT!