Sweet Treats have never tasted so good...ICE CREAM RECIPE INCLUDED!

For those of you who know me, you know nothing gets me more fired up than hearing about CALORIES. (Ok, so there are a lot of other topics that do also, but this one is high on the list!) "How many calories are in that?" Or "oh my goodness, I shouldn't eat any dessert" or "how many grams of fat are in that?" I'm telling you right now to just stop it.

It's time to stop that old way of thinking that has been ENGRAINED into our brains that fat makes us fat. Out with the obsession of counting calories and it's time to start just looking at where those calories are coming from.

So you say, "well, if I want to lose weight, don't I need to cut down calorie intake, increase what I burn with exercise, and don't I need to stop eating all sugars and lower my fats?" Ok, to a certain extent, of course it makes sense to keep a general idea of what's going in and what you are burning. BUT...wouldn't it just be EASIER to just enjoy your food and eat the things you want without feeling guilty or watching your pants get too tight?

The most important thing to understand is FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT. Calories are not the bad guy either. You need calories to function, but you need the right kind of calories, just as you do proteins, fats and carbs. Here's to the good ol' foods like unrefined coconut oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, etc...YUP! I'm talking about healthy fats that actually speed up your metabolism and help you BURN fat. WHAAAAT? Did I say eat fats to lose weight?! That's right!

One of my all time favorites is coconut oil - which I never have enough good things to say about it! Studies started exploding many years ago after farmers were feeding their cattle coconut oil...thinking that this saturated fat was going to make them larger and fattier. Much to their surprise, it did the opposite! The cattle started actually losing weight and getting leaner! Go figure. Turns out, this wonderful oil is great at speeding up metabolism and burning fat.

The next important thing to know when you are worried about losing weight, is we should mostly be concerned with just how healthy our insides are. This means, giving them the proper fuel to optimally function with as little stress on them as possible. Just like a machine, your body needs proper fuel to run! So as we begin to think of food as either helpful or harmful, we can understand that the outcome of what we put in our mouths is directly correlated to whether or not our body is functioning properly. If we are eating foods with processed sugars, hydroxinated refined oils, chemicals, heavy metals, MSG, nutrient-blockers, and other harmful ingredients, our organs have a hard time processing these substances (which should not be referred to as food). In turn, much of these psdo-foods get stored as fat because we don't know what else to do with them! And along the way, our liver and kidneys get stressed out trying to filter out the bad junk...our blood sugar goes wacky, our gut get destroyed causing all sorts of digestive disorders, and usually the one problem we care about most is WE GAIN WEIGHT! AH! Little do we think as we look in the mirror and watch our bellies grow that this is actually a sign that our bodies are struggling internally and it could be caused by a much more serious issue than just getting fat.

I will go more into detail later about digestion and getting your organs to work properly...but for now, back to eating things we want and still remaining healthy:)

If we start looking at the ingredients of our foods, we can see that there are ways to eat all the things we LOVE, including dessert! We just need to tweak the ingredients so our body uses all the components to its advantage. This of course, normally means we just have to bite the bullet and pick up some groceries and start constructing meals yourself...(unless of course you have time to swing by The Moringa Tree and let me cook it for you!) So I am going to share with you some of my favorite desserts that I turned to years ago when I stopped eating all processed food. When I stopped eating sugar, I needed to fill the void with something in order to get through and I will share some of my staples!

MAKE YOUR OWN ICE CREAM!!! Yup, my personal favorite. I make it almost every night! (Well, now with a baby, I don't have much time, but I was making it every night!) Something to note: I still lost about 20 lbs when I stopped eating sugar and only made desserts with raw honey. And I was eating all the desserts with raw honey I wanted! Raw honey does NOT spike an insulin response so therefore does not stress out the pancreas. Make sure it's RAW because if it's processed, you might as well be eating corn syrup.

How to make ICE CREAM:

Pick up an ice cream maker from Kohl's, Bed Bath and Beyond or Target...they are EVERYWHERE. I like my Cuisinart.

Blend in the blender (or I use a Bullet): 2 cups coconut milk (or raw goat milk), 2-3 tablespoons of raw honey, a pinch of pink salt, a dash of vanilla extract, 2 table spoons of cocoa (or more if you want it darker chocolate). Sometimes I add a scoop of cashew butter or half of an avocado for extra fat, and a half banana for less honey. Pour the mix into your maker and in about 15 minutes...WA-LA! Ice cream! I like to top mine with nuts and chocolate sauce.

Chocolate sauce: warm on stove coconut oil and raw honey (about equal parts) with a dash of pink salt, scoop of cocoa and vanilla extract. Once its mixed, pour on top of ice cream for a delicious, healthy chocolate shell!

More recipes to come!! Try this one out and you won't be disappointed! If you need to tweak it, feel free. The trick is tasting the mix before putting it in the maker. If you need it to be sweeter, add some more honey or a drop of stevia. If you want strawberries or fruit instead of chocolate, sub out fruit for the cocoa.

This dessert will get you a serving of good fats, especially if you add nuts on top or avocado to the mix. I recommend the sauce on top also so you can get a serving of coconut oil in! On my weight loss program, I recommend getting up to 6 tablespoons a day.

Enjoy your dessert and put your guilt aside for this one! Not only will you be happy eating something yummy, but your body will feel good and thank you! :)