Staying Connected and Positive in a Time of Trouble

With everything going on today, I find myself gripping at my faith more and more. The battle around us is not just of flesh and blood, but spiritual warfare is in full-force. Between the stressful situation of COVID-19, the political arguments, the corruption around us, the riots, the crash in the economy (especially the hit on small businesses)...need I say more...I find my strength from prayer. I don't know about you all, but if I didn't believe that God will protect and save those who trust in Him, I would be losing my mind about now. With all the uncertainty of what's true and what's not, we know that there's one thing we can always be sure of - God's love.

From a holistic health point of view, I always try to tell my clients to focus on the positive aspect of their lives so they can heal quicker. The more you focus on the health issues and pain, usually the worse it gets and the more anxiety you have. Thoughts are CONCRETE. Thoughts literally contribute to our physical well-being or on the contrary, our sickness. Most of us don't choose to have stressful situations in our lives, and we most definitely don't choose illness, but we do choose how we respond to these circumstances. If we react in a calm, loving way in a stressful situation, we will notice our physical state benefits as well as our mental state.

For example, let me just come up with a stressful situation to give you some perspective. Let's say you are waiting in line at the bank to make a deposit on a Friday afternoon and it is taking FOREVER. Just as you finally get to the window, they decide to close your lane and you have to get back in line. (Hopefully this doesn't ever happen, but can you imagine how FRUSTRATING this would be???) You are late for an appointment and you are losing your patience. Now, here is where your reaction can determine your health:

You can CHOOSE to allow your anxiety to grow, let anger set in and start to panic. You might even swear at the bank tellers or people in line ahead of you and just keep saying how this is NOT FAIR, and you don't have TIME for this! The thing is, this reation isn't just mentally draining and frustrating, but actually is causing your body to go into a "fight or flight" state - meaning your blood pressure is rising, your adrenals are pumping at full speed, adrenaline hormones are being released at a fast pace, and your system is preparing for DANGER. Your body is acting as if it's being chased by a lion! So the normal functions (you know, like thinking straight or digesting that sandwich you just ate) are put aside because it is concerned about staying alive right now! Without us even thinking about it, we are creating inflammation all over our body, slowing down our vital organ systems, disrupting digestion, and even basic communication signals are put on hold. (Notice how sometimes the words don't want to come out straight when you are so angry?)


You can be aware of how frustrating the situation is, but CHOOSE to react calmly. Afterall, there is nothing you can do to change the circumstances. So, you self-talk yourself into being calm and deciding whether it's worth being late for your appointment and just waiting a little longer, or maybe just stepping out of line and holding off on making a deposit that day so you're not late for your appointment. You may even go as far as trying to find a positive aspect of the situation - maybe it's giving you a little extra "alone time" where you can think without people asking things of you...(for parents or business owners/managers, we all know how nice it is to NOT be bothered for a second!)

The second reaction doesn't cause any harmful stress on your physical body and your mental state is better off staying in a good mood and not focusing on all the worrying!

What's my point? 

Well, that's how I feel about the whole thing happening around us with this COVID stuff. I can CHOOSE to focus on all the stress and hardships and literally lose my sanity and composure, or I can CHOOSE to focus on my purpose in life - which is to love others and serve God. It takes a conscious decision on my part EVERYDAY to focus on the positives. I start my day with a protection prayer, and end my day with thanksgiving. Throughout the day, I ask God constantly for direction, patience, clear-thinking and ask Him to guide me on how I can serve Him and His people that day. When I feel my heart pounding and foresee a stressful situation coming on, I ask Him to keep me calm and show me how to handle it. This has SAVED me. I am only human...and I am NOT perfect and never will be. So, I need His help everyday to get through it all.

Even though we may not all agree on everything going on around us, we should at least be treating each other with love and respect. We should be able to put our differences aside in order to be kind to one another, as Jesus was - even to those that persecuted him. Let's remember to leave the judgement for God to do, and do our best to follow His commandment to love our neighbors. 

I hope this little bit of advice helps even if it's just a reminder for some of you that already make an effort to focus on the positives and aren't afraid to ask God for help. Right now I feel in my heart and soul that it's a crucial time to stay connected with God and work on our relationship with Him. Let's get through this spiritual warfare with God on our side! He won't let us down!

Sending love out and blessings to all of you during this time of uncertainty. Hang in there...and we will get through this together.