Packing Tips for a Healthy Trip

Hey gang! With spring break right around the corner, I wanted to share some tips I use when traveling to keep to my healthy lifestyle. Many people ask how do I stay on track when we travel, and even though it can be tough sometimes, having a routine makes it easier. Things change a bit depending on where we are going and how long we will be gone, but these are on the list no matter where we travel to.

When looking for accommodations, we usually start by looking to rent a house from Airbnb, VRBO, or if the prices are high we look into hotels with a kitchen. Places like Baymont Inn & Suites or Extended Stay hotels usually offer great prices and come with a full kitchen. If I can't get a full kitchen, I at least try to a kitchenette - with a burner and refrigerator, and at bare minimum I request a mini fridge in a regular hotel room and even will just bring my own plugin burner with a small pot. I also locate the nearest Trader Joe's, Fresh Thyme, Whole Foods, or local health food store so I know I will have a place to stock up on healthy groceries if needed. (Not to mention, just shopping for new fun healthy foods is part of our hobbies so we actually enjoy shopping when we travel to see what other cities have to offer!) I will also locate a local raw, organic juice bar, or restaurant where I can order a nice piece of wild caught fish, organic salad or free-range chicken in case we want to dine out and not just cook in the hotel room. 

Once the accommodations are booked and the local restaurants and stores have been staked out, I begin the packing process. Now, once you've done this a few times, it becomes second nature and takes less and less time so don't worry about spending days on this! We can whip our things together the night before and be on our way the next morning.

What to pack:

* Nutritional Supplements/Herbal Support

* Cooking Essentials

* First Aid Kit

* Free & Clear Essentials 

Nutritional Supplements & Support:

I like to keep my body in a healthy pattern no matter what I'm doing, so I make sure to have my daily routine on the road as well. I bring a Nutribullet to make my morning smoothies which I put my Moringa Powder, Raw Cacao and Collagen in. If I don't do a smoothie, I will still bring these powders along and just mix it in water with a squeeze of lemon and raw honey. I also bring my Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Probiotics and NSP Food Enzymes. I usually count out what I need and just put them in a sandwich bag or small plastic container so I don't have to travel with a bunch of bottles. 

Cooking/Grocery Essentials:

I pack a small container of coconut oil, stick of grass-fed butter, a loaf of Ezekiel sprouted bread or buns, nut butter of choice, dozen eggs, pink salt, raw honey, salad dressing I pre-make (with olive oil, raw apple cider vinegar, pink salt and spices.) Sometimes I bring a small baggie of mixed spices along and depending how long we are gone, I will bring some frozen ground chicken or beef, mixed greens, and assorted veggies. I am always sure to bring avocados, berries, apples, and a few bananas for the road. I want to make sure I at least have something for our morning smoothies and snacks in case I can't get to a grocery store right away. 

With these items, I can make smoothies, sandwiches, salads, and even snack on apples and almond butter! I also make sure I pack something sweet, so usually a bag of my homemade brownies or seed treats. I will also bring something easy like trail mix made with raw nuts and raisins, and at least a gallon of filtered water.

First Aid Kit:

For emergencies, or just normal things that randomly happen daily like a cut or bump or picking up a cold, I like to pack a few things to get through it easier. I bring along my Comfrey Healing Salve for and injury, band-aids, colloidal silver, and a few tinctures such as Echinacea, Ginger, and Olive Leaf in case we pick up a virus. I also don't go anywhere without my Thieves essential oil to drink internally if sick and my Thieves Spray bottle to spray our hands to keep our immune systems up.

Free & Clear Essentials:

No matter where we are, I like to limit our exposure to toxic chemicals and try to keep some clean healthy air around us. I bring a few essential oils along everywhere - the thieves oil or cleaner in a spray bottle with water, and also lemon essential oil in a spray bottle (sometimes I just mix them together in one sprayer), peppermint and lavender essential oils.

When we arrive to our rental, I de-odorize and purify it the best I can. I remove any fragrances like air fresheners, scented trash bags, toxic cleaners, candles, laundry soaps and dryer sheets, or bathroom products with fragrances. I put them aside in a closet or in the garage until we leave and I'll put them back. I am extremely sensitive to chemicals so I can find the scented items pretty easily and avoid headaches by doing so. Just a reminder that these items contain chemicals that actually disrupt our endocrine system, damage our neurotransmitters, and cause hormonal imbalances, headaches and dizziness so I like to avoid them the best I can.

I spray the place down with my thieves and lemon oils -  furniture and bedding, counter-tops and bathrooms. I also pack a pair of sheets and pillow cases for our bed so we can sleep in free & clear bedding. (Seems extreme, but I sleep SOOO much better and it's worth not having a headache in the morning!)

Hopefully this helps you organize how to plan your next trip so you and your family can stay on a healthy path while on vacation! Sure is nice actually coming home refreshed and feeling good after a vacation, as opposed to eating off your normal routine and coming back with a gut ache!

Safe & healthy travels to you and your loved ones! :)