Fall Into a Healthy Routine!

The leaves are starting to fall and even though one day the weather is 87 degrees, the next hits the 50's and we are starting to feel the slightly crisper air as summer winds down and fall starts creeping in. The sun isn't quite as hot, the days aren't quite as long, and if you are anything like me (a major SUMMER LOVER), you are trying to pack in as many outdoor activities as possible before the warm days are gone. For many, this is the BEST time of the year. I mean, who doesn't love throwing on a cozy sweater and sipping on some warm cider or a spicy chai tea? Pumpkin spice, savory soups and football games...

While all that sounds great, there are some of us that have a hard time letting go of summer and just don't want the hot days to end...nor the deary cold days to begin! There are different things I have done throughout the years to keep myself from becoming anxious about leaving summer behind and stepping into cooler, darker days and I thought I would share these tips with all of you!

Fall is a time a change. It doesn't HAVE to mean that you will be stuffed inside for the next 6 months, without fresh food, exercise or sunshine. If you are like me, it can be depressing just thinking about the lack of sunshine throughout the cold months, but focusing on the GOOD things about each season will help lessen the anxiety.

ESTABLISH A ROUTINE - This means for your eating habits, exercise, and mental health. Keep your body on track with nutrition by not just reaching for those comforting carbs and spiced lattes, but make sure you have a smoothie with fresh fruits, a salad with raw veggies, and a helping of cooked veggies at dinner. Switch up your fruits and veggies and get EXCITED about the fall veggies like butternut squash, pumpkin and leafy greens. Make yourself healthy warm beverages by using organic teas and coffees and switching out the creamer with coconut milk, raw honey instead of sugar, and cinnamon or organic pumpkin spice. 

Making a smoothie every morning helps keep yourself in a routine to begin the day. If you pack your morning smoothie with superfoods like moringa, collagen and spinach, you will be energized throughout the day. If you decide to have pasta for dinner, opt for gluten-free brown rice pasta and make sure there are some veggies mixed in.

GET OUTSIDE - Even if it's not the warmest weather out, throw on a coat and go for a short stroll to get some fresh air. If you live near a park, hit the trails! It may sound awful when it's not sunny or warm, but you will mentally and physically feel so much better afterwards. We aren't designed to be inside all of our lives - we NEED nature! So unwind everyday, or at least every other day with a good 15 - 30 minute walk.

If you know you become less active during the colder months, start seeking out a gym you might like to join or even just a few group exercise classes in the area to join a few times a week. Make a commitment and sign up, and even find a workout buddy to join you! Working out with a friend always makes it more fun!

FIND FUN FALL ACTIVITIES! There are so many local farms with pumpkin patches and hay rides...getting involved with fall activities elevates your mood and gets you excited for the season. Don't feel like going to a farm or orchard? Grab some pumpkins and invite your friends over for a good-old-fashion pumpkin carving party! Serve up some healthy beverages and enjoy the company, just like we did as kids! :)

STAY CONNECTED - As always, stay connected to your Creator. The beautiful changing colors of the leaves are a reminder of the amazing life we have here on Earth. God loves you and paints us a new picture everyday. Being thankful for your blessings everyday helps focus on the good, and less on the bad. 

With that, I wish all of you a HAPPY and HEALTHY FALL season!