Cheers to a HEALTHY New Year!!

Happy 2019 everyone! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

I don't know about y'all, but 2018 BLEW by for me so quickly and I'm still a little wind-blown from it! I mean, for goodness sake, the last blog post you have gotten from me was a year ago this month! Unbelievable. And one of my NY resolutions is to connect with you guys more often, educate more, and share my knowledge to help those around me the best I can.

In the midst of the hustle-bustle of the fast paced year, I have to remind myself what's important besides the obvious daily essentials like personal hygiene, eating meals, and taking time to BREATH each day (even if it's literally just for a few minutes as you sneak away to the restroom...because let's be honest - for some of us, it's the only moment we have ALONE throughout the day). One of the things I try to focus on regardless of what is going on around me, is always what is best for the health of myself and my family. This goes far beyond just making sure there's a meal on the table at night, teeth are brushed, the grocery list is checked off and the weekly cleaning duties are done.Β 

This year, focus on making time and choices everyday to better the relationships and well-being of ourselves, family and our loved ones. Here are a few pointers to get started!

* Set time aside to be present with your loved ones. Quality time spent with your significant other, children, or family is so crucial. Put your phone or laptop down. Connect. Set aside even just a half hour to listen to how their day was, or to pick up that crayon and color, read a story book, or just sit together. We are creatures of love - designed to be with one another and when our relationships grow with others, our soul is happy and our life can feel more complete.

* Go the extra step to make sure your meals are healthy and actually FUELING your body - not harming it. Your family deserves it and so do you! Healthy meals don't have to take all day, but just take steps to make sure you are preparing REAL food and not just pulling out a processed frozen dinner. Add a salad to your dinner (those live plants will give you enzymes to help digest that meal), some sauteed or steamed veggies and make it a routine that even your KIDS get a serving. Habits are hard to change, but it CAN be done. One step at a time. Switch to pink Himalayan or sea salt- ditch the white table salt which is processed in heavy metals. Switch to brown rice pasta instead of wheat or white. Choose sprouted breads instead of the conventional loaves. Cut out SUGAR and use raw honey, sucanat, maple syrup, or coconut sugar. Choose grass-fed beef, organic free-range chicken and wild fish. Don't worry, QUICK, healthy meal ideas are COMING SOON to a blog post near you! :)

* Get your daily dose of nutrients! Making smoothies in the morning can be a quick, easy way to get in your daily vitamins and minerals. If you have a family to care for, make one big batch and divide it up! Frozen fruit makes smoothies easiest and cost-efficient. I recommend getting the large organic berries in bulk from Costco or check your local farms and stock up during the peak season. The Blueberry Ranch is an amazing local farm in Mishawaka that we are so lucky to have! They grow 100% certified organic blueberries that you can enjoy at a great price all year long.

Smoothies are a wonderful way to pack in superfoods with just one are some of my favorites:

🌿MORINGA POWDER!! By just adding in 1/2-1 tsp of Moringa powder you are supplying your body with the perfect multivitamin for the day - packed with antioxidants to boost the immune system, protein and nutrients to allow the body to run more efficiently, and you will notice a BALANCE and sustainable energy throughout the day. This essential superfood is good for the entire family, babies to adults!

πŸ’ͺ Get a green boost! Throw in a handful of greens such as spinach or kale for extra B vitamins and live enzymes to aide digestion.

πŸ₯‘ Essential fatty acids! Add chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, avocados for EFA (BRAIN POWER!) but also for a good amount of easily assimilated protein.

🍫 Chocolate fan?? Try a scoop of raw cacao for that delicious chocolatey taste but don't underestimate it's amazing nutritional value!! Cacao is loaded with minerals and antioxidants - not to mention gives the body a natural source of energy without the stimulating effects of caffeine. Yes, there are traces of caffeine in cacao, but typically those who do not do well with caffeine can tolerate cacao just fine! (I am one of those caffeine for me so my energy comes straight from my healthy diet, Moringa and cacao when i need the boost!)

πŸ₯₯ Want to boost your metabolism, adrenal function, and just need that extra energy?? Try adding a scoop of unrefined coconut oil for metabolism and cellular health, or a tsp of Maca powder for adrenal and hormonal support.

* Besides starting your day with a nutrient-packed smoothie, try to fuel yourself throughout the day with other healthy snacks and meals, but also EMOTIONAL food! Make a conscious decision to focus on the positive aspects of the day - and when faced with a problem, focus on finding a solution, not allowing yourself to be overwhelmed with anxiety and hopelessness. Of course there are struggles everyday, but choosing to respond a certain way to them can seriously effect whether our physical health will degenerate or continue to prosper. One negative thought triggers the body to create inflammation. This is the pathway to so many physical problems ranging from aches and pain all the way to autoimmune disease. Ways to cope with stress? I always suggest prayer, first and foremost. When I am faced with something that immediately gets my heart racing and I feel that panic mode coming on, I ask God to help me carry that burden. I ask Him to forgive me for whatever negative emotion I am having at that moment, whether it be resentment or anger or frustration (so it does not take over my thoughts), and tell Him I want to leave it at the foot of the cross and to PLEASE fill me back up with love, patience, peace, etc....I find this to be very helpful even if I have to keep saying it over and over again until I feel it being lifted off me. Admitting to needing help is the first step in healing - we all have heard that! Well, who better to help you with any issue than your Creator?Β 

Another good way of coping with stress is to add GOOD stress...EXERCISE!! Physical stress (in a good way) can actually help your body release those important hormones to help balance your mood! Not to mention becoming stronger and fitter never hurt anyone's attitude:)

Well friends, this is hopefully some good fuel for you to start your year off on the right foot. Count your blessings, eat good food, drink plenty of water, cut out processed crap, and spend quality time with your loved ones. Until we meet again...cheers to you and your best year yet! πŸ₯‚